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Author : Remy
16 Oct, 2019

Nowadays, everyone is looking forward to watching something that entertains him for a while but there's hardly anyone willing to pay for a burst of momentary laughter. Everyone is aware of the free movie download tools. But which tool is better for you, how to use that tool, what features provided by that tool, we've got it covered right here!

Here's the list of best free movie download software.

  • uTorrent

uTorrent is an online platform where you can download movies, software, games, etc.

How uTorrent works?

Torrent is different from another download site, in other downloading sites the files are stored in a server. But in Torrent, the files are stored in Peer. (peer mean someone who has that particular file).

Do you have any software or video? And if you want to share that file, then you can upload it on any torrent hosting website and make it a torrent file. For example, if someone downloads your torrent file, after downloading the user will add that file to the torrent client. Once the download starts, the file will be transferred from you to the user who is downloading the file.

Features of uTorrent

  1. Downloading and managing torrent file is easy, lightweight and manageable.
  2. Peer exchange.
  3. Protocol encryption

  • Vuze

Vuze is an open-source software application, it is a similar torrent client like BitTorrent. It is added on the torrent client list is only the reason is it’s features.

It uses the BitTorrent protocol to transfer files, it also offers to queue/priority.

In addition, It also allows you to start/stop the seeding option, uploads your files like video, music, game file; You can pay if you publish your own original content through the Vuze platform.

You can see content through TV shows, music videos, films, video games, and other channels and categories.

Features of Vuze

Video Player: It plays various format video files like XVID or AVI. If you have to create a subtitle, it provides several language options. Video playback and conversion: Vuze not only detects the device (such as gaming consoles) but also acknowledges the formats that are best suited to streaming or transfer processes. The videos, including Mkv, wmv, divx, avi, and MPEG-4, can be converted to any format.

Torrent download: you can download more than one torrent file simultaneously.

Remote management: You can check file uploading and downloading process remotely from any place.

  • BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a freeware platform it is popular for file sharing. It works the same as uTorrent first you can download a torrent file, after downloaded torrent file you can add that file on BitTorrent. Free and quick Peer to Peer downloads allows customers to take full advantage of the application.

Features of BitTorrent:

Fastest file delivery: it is created with special technology to segment the big sized file into the smaller units. You can download every piece from various sources, and it makes the overall process much faster.

Download Without limit: There is no limitation on how many files users have to download. 

Bandwidth improvement tools: Auto-adjustment features helps to control the usage bandwidth.

Instant streaming: This feature is available in the pro version if the download is going on in the background, the user can preview and watch their file while downloading.

Safe access: You can open your file using any device using its home screen.

  • qBittorrent

if you want to move from uTorrent, qBittorrent is our first recommendation. Need to download a new game for a school project to spend time or approved software? 

Here the solution is peer to peer sharing applications like qBittorrent. 

qBittorrent allows you to search by categories like movies, show, music, games, and software and download them free.

Features of qBittorrent:

Multiple Downloads: It allows you to download multiple files simultaneously 

Creating a torrent file: Provides tools to create a torrent file

Integrated search engine: Provides an integrated search engine that allows the user to access the file from any source.

Now that you've got the list of the best free movie download software in 2019, its time to download some fun-loving movies and sit back on your couch for the "me-time". Don't hesitate to leave a comment below if you need further assistance. 

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