Top SEO Tools For Tracking Local Rank
Author : Remy
21 Nov, 2019

It is a well-known fact that local SEO has gained phenomenal popularity in recent times and more and more businesses are realizing the importance of local SEO in fulfilling their goals. Today any business aspiring to boost their local presence would be in the habit of constantly checking precisely, where they rank in Bing Local, Google Maps, and Yahoo Local. We understand that 46 percent of all Google searches seem to be looking for some local information. Moreover, 28 percent of all those people looking for something nearby would end up buying what they are looking for. 

As per, SEO is supposed to be a labor-intensive technique that cannot be fully automated. Even if you use automated solutions, you would still need to put in a lot of hard work for obtaining higher SERP rankings on Google. However, there is a broad spectrum of proven SEO tools that would help you save time and implement an effective SEO campaign.

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In this context, you must know that Google would go on rolling out its updates and would come up with modifications and changes associated with local SEO to enhance the overall search experience. You must, therefore, get into the habit of monitoring your local rankings and stay abreast of all the latest updates. This is precisely where, you must consider using the perfect tools and software for tracking your local search rankings, discovering new local keywords, and for keeping track of your competitors and comparing their rankings and keywords. There are a plethora of effective local SEO tools for achieving success. Moreover, you could seek appropriate solutions from a reputed and trustworthy SEO firm New York.

Explore Some of the Top SEO Tools for Tracking Local Rank


CognitiveSEO is supposed to be a fantastic solution for keeping track of and enhancing your overall local SEO. CognitiveSEO would be including a broad spectrum of amazing features such as keyword research, rank tracker, and content, optimization, etc. The rank tracker would assist in providing a comprehensive picture of your search volume and keyword research. It would be offering cutting-edge options for tracking your local rankings both on mobile devices and desktop and also, obtain full and detailed information on your keyword position to know your weekly or daily ranks. It provides accurate and error-free results meant for universal tracking. You could know the geo-specific rankings for a location chosen by you.


Linkio has been designed and created for SEO specialists for enhancing your local SEO efforts for your business. Linkio comes with a host of useful features and characteristics such as anchor text optimization, backlink monitoring, and even keyword rank tracking. One striking feature is the capability of visualizing and consistently tracking your backlink performance against all your average rankings. You could get accurate and error-free results from a specific location in Google Places, Google Maps, and Google organic. The tool is used for monitoring consistently both mobile and desktop results in as many as 170 nations. Fortunately, the integrated local tracking, it helps you in keeping constant track of daily website rankings and viewing the way your backlinks would be impacting your Google Rankings.

Moz Pro

Moz Pro is undoubtedly the most frequently used and popular SEO tool for those aspiring to be content writers, SEO gurus and small businesses for boosting their local visibility and even monitoring any listing issues. Moz Pro would be demonstrating your local keyword rankings, search visibility, overall movement, and specifically the keywords that own featured snippets. It would be monitoring the highest 50 ranking positions meant for specifically your target keywords, and entire ranking data in your report. Moz Pro would help you in targeting the perfect keywords and coming up with custom reports. Moz Pro is a perfect tool for removing SEO complexity.

SE Ranking Google Rank Checker

SE Ranking is an effective automation tool for providing a comprehensive picture of the SERP features of Google along with specific search queries and also checks whether you are featuring in them. SE Ranking is a powerful automation tool for keeping track of your local SEO rankings. This SEO automation tool could easily be narrowed down to towns and cities that should be giving you increased control over SEO rankings especially in local search. You could further obtain search volume data of local keyword and achieve new keyword ideas and you could optimize those local keywords for optimizing all your area-specific pages.


WebCEO helps you to constantly keep track of keyword rankings on multiple local search engines including Google, Yahoo, Baidu, DuckDuckGo, and some others. You could add precise locations including town, state, ZIP code, and search engines up to 50 for monitoring search results straightaway from your customers’ locations. Furthermore, you could consider scheduling a scan regularly for monitoring and identifying any ranking fluctuations associated with your local campaign.


If you are looking for local success, you must develop local SEO and make it very much visible in your specific locations. You must realize that SEO could be making or breaking a business. Use all these cutting-edge automation tools for obtaining valuable insights into how your business could appear in local search. Examine the different tools discussed above and choose the perfect one for boosting your local business.

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