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19 Aug, 2019

Securityof data is one of the most important things in today’s data-oriented world. The importance of data security goes a step high when it’s about app development. The release management of an entire project may go bad, and the whole thing may get totally wrong if the security of data is not maintained in the project. Hence, app development platforms like Salesforce DX are made and maintained with high-security measures.

In fact, to maintain integrity and quality and standard of the platform, which so many developers use and trust, continuous research is being carried out on it. Salesforce DX has been made with this high data security in mind, that user would never regret using this, and all data used and maintained through it would stay secure always. One good reason Salesforce DX is so very secure is that it's a cloud-based tool.

Salesforce DX is cloud-based

Did you know that Salesforce DX is a cloud-based tool? Well, it is one of the strongest points of DX, which makes it special and easy for use as well as highly reliable too. Salesforce DX is one of those tools which are made cloud-based to give you total relaxation from investing in infrastructure, and also total relaxation in security concerns because all your data backup would be taken and stored on cloud due to the cloud-based operation of the tool. That's why developers can be totally sure about their data.

The native solution of Salesforce DX is worth trying

There are some great reasons to try Salesforce DX. And one of them is the hundred percent native release. This brilliant solution can be taken the fun of in early deployments and lifecycle management when you are getting the tool installed by one of the best third-party services like In case you are not sure how to proceed and your team is thinking you need training on this, then this is actually not so. Salesforce does not demand you to learn it fresh. All your developers who already are experienced to work with Salesforce platform would grab and absorb the features of this tool in just a few days. This is worth a try because of the amazing control you gain on version control.

Why get DX installed and get your team guided through a solution like Flosum?

Flosum has some advantages you must see as compare with other similar services. Flosum does not use the service of other third-party servers like AWS and Heroku. Instead, it uses a version control system which is completely embedded into it, and the purpose of its use is to make data security stronger with Salesforce. With native version control, no data ever leaves the Salesforce platform boundary, and this gives developers strong assurance on the system. It’s because of this native solution that DX is special. The best part of the process of getting your DX configured by Flosum is that your data access would remain with you only, and no engineer or technician of Flosum or any server of the company would get access to your data. This secures everything to you only, and you can be totally sure. Now be prepared to know another unique feature of the system; Flosum is totally authorized to use the government cloud and run on it, thereby gaining more security in image and infrastructure too.

Salesforce DX- most interesting features

There are many important, interesting, and fascination features in DX, you must learn about, as you prepare to get this assimilated in your system.

·         DX is used to approve the code changes and review them in each developer’s sandbox, and only after the checking it gets approved if that is required.

·         Each deployment can be given extra shields of security in the form of sign-offs and approvals, which comes through audits and electronic signs.

·         User story-based deployment tracking is possible. Components can be modified with multiple numbers of aggregates.

·         With the compliance of the FDA, all healthcare-related apps can be certified.

·         With real data feeding, the apps can all be tested inside the developer sandboxes.

·         With just one click syncing you can sync develop sandboxes

·         User stories, QA, and new features, all can be handled with better accuracy and efficiency by enhancing team collaboration with the use of DX.

Overall progress with DX

The application and use of DX has an all-around beneficial effect on app development. If you are trying app development without DX till date, then now is the time to change because competitors are not going to sit idle. They would be implementing the power of DX in their day to day app development and deployment. Hence you have simply no reason to stay back and suffer and live with the same old sluggish rate of lifecycle management and deployment when you could have gone much ahead with DX. With DX your overall speed of deployment gains momentum as release management gets a boost due to the multiple features you get to use for collaborative better working. And all this happens without having to take extra training or getting any extra expense or infrastructure for the DX installation.

Things can be planned really smooth when you have already trained and experienced employees, working with the existing sales force software. All they need is this simple upgrade that can give them a feature-rich environment to work better while they put the same effort they had been putting earlier. But with DX, the difference would be faster and better output with that same effort, thereby increasing the efficiency of the process and the team manifolds.


Release management is a big industry globally. And if you are handling the business, all you are looking towards is good quality deployment, and the ability to check deployments and reverse fatal changes for better quality control, and at the same time early deployments for better project completion and revenue generation. The sooner you finish on one project; you can take up another project, which means more revenue in a shorter time, thereby making the business generate more money. Hence a timely installation of Salesforce DX would help in this.

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