Author : Rishi
04 Sep, 2019

Over the years social media has proved to be the most effective and useful channel for businesses, both SMBs and enterprise organizations alike, for their marketing purposes. In fact, social media when paired with the marketing efforts of the businesses can do real wonders. This is due to the fact that the individual power of these are combined to make it a superpower.

Therefore, it is wise to combine the two together though each one can be as effective as the other while producing results. In fact, today social sharing has become the indispensable part of modern marketing where it is used extensively for:

·         Several content initiatives and

·         Facebook retargeting.

These have opened the doors to the enterprise organizations and SMBs alike to find newer and better avenues to reach out to more users to power their lead generation efforts, get more followers to sign-up to their email list and newsletters.

Reasons to choose Instagram

Considering all social media channels, you may wonder how does Instagram, which is essentially a picture and selfie sharing platform, fit in modern marketing, email or otherwise. It is true that Instagram is an image-heavy platform with a lot of use of hashtags. It is also true that these features of this platform may make you feel that it has not marketing utility.

Well, if you look at it through a different filter you will see why it is considered to be the most effective and useful channel to integrate with your email marketing efforts.

·         It has over 800 million active users

·         More than 300 million users log into it on a daily basis and

·         There are billions of likes and comments shared on this platform daily.

With such immense potential and prospects, it will be really unwise for a marketer to overlook so many pairs of eyeballs glued to this platform at any given point of the day, and also at night.

This data proves that social media channels are the place where most of the customers are available and Instagram is one of the most favored places for them to be.

Deliver value to the audience

Therefore, all you have to do is join them cleverly so that they deliver benefits to your business. There are specific ways in which you can make Instagram drive more engagement and power up your email marketing campaign.

Use this platform to deliver value to your audience. This is actually the key to successful marketing. Since Instagram is the most preferred channel of the major part of your audience, there is no other alternative but to look for ways in which you can do that in the best possible way.

Most brands and marketing agencies such as Gramista and others look for useful and innovative ways in which they can gain more followers on this popular photo sharing platform. In fact, Instagram is so effective and popular channel to deliver value to the audience that eMarketer predicts more and more companies will be using this platform for marketing rather than Twitter or Facebook in 2019 and beyond.

This is due to the reason that Instagram itself comes with so many useful features and tools that it will be easy for any businesses, large or small, to find ways in which they can leverage it for their marketing initiatives specifically when it comes to their email campaigns.

Exploring some ways

In order to use Instagram to boost email engagement, you will need to stand out from the upwards of 205 billion emails that come to the inboxes of different users daily. This will ensure that you get a click.

Smart marketers are typically inclined to integrate their social and email marketing campaigns together as a part of an omnichannel and a customer-centric approach. There are several good reasons for this but one of the most significant ones is that: It really works.

According to a report of HubSpot, it is known that:

·         Instagram delivers engagement that is 58 times more than Facebook for each follower and

·         120 times more than that generated by all the followers in Twitter.

Since many emails have a specific button that will link the users to the social media pages of the organizations, incorporating a live feed is the best possible way to make it even more effective.

·         All you need to do is use a few HTML code tweaks and

·         Make some small customization.

This will ensure that you get a considerable boost in the engagement level with your emails.

If you have an IT team working in your organization this task can be accomplished easily otherwise you can take help from other professionals agencies for that matter.

Update content automatically

When you add a live social feed such as Instagram with your email marketing campaign templates you will get another substantial benefit apart from making your emails look more visually stimulating. You will be able to update your content automatically in real-time.

·         This will save a lot of time for your marketing department along with the resources.

·         It will also guarantee that you deliver content that is relevant and always fresh.

This is a very important aspect for the B2B brands as well as the B2C brand.

If you find that your email marketing efforts are not paying you rich dividends, you should consider integrating your Instagram account along with it.

·         You must not be complacent with the live feed but consider using the popularity of Instagram to the best of it so that you can easily expand your reach to more and more people, targeted and beyond.

·         It is also required that you showcase your brand culture as well because the human side of any business often creates a compelling message along with a non-pushy sales pitch.

Therefore, if you really want to make your email marketing effort successful and get more subscribers to sign up with you, it is important that you look beyond the conventional ways of email marketing. It will engage new followers, communicate brand value and encourage interaction for email sign-ups.

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