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Author : Remy
26 Oct, 2020

One of the biggest concerns for social media users is their data privacy as social media companies keep all kinds of data generated by you on the platforms. However, this aspect of the social media platform is integral to its existence. You must be ready to keep your privacy concerns aside, no matter if you want to use Instagram.

A declared policy

 It is a declared policy of Instagram to collect user data of various kinds to process the information and supply Facebook products to users. They collect all information, including content and communications. The process starts right from when you sign up for an account, the share of creating content, and the message of communications with others.  Such data can include the date of creation of any file and the date of photos. It can also include data about what you view on the platform by using features like the camera, which is why Instagram suggests using filters and masks and even gives tips on camera formats.

Constant tracking of users

Your activities on Instagram or any other social media platform are under constant surveillance. When you buy comments on Instagram or even likes and followers, the company would know about it. It is possible because Instagram collects data about the networks and connections you use on the platform. Going ahead, they collect data about your usage of Instagram products whenever you engage in any transaction, and information others provide about you and things that others do. They even collect information about the devices you use. Instagram tracks your every move on the platform, and nothing escapes their eyes. Instagram maintains complete transparency about the data collection. By going to the apps settings page and tapping the security option, you can see and even download the information that Instagram has collected about you. However, there is nothing much you can do after that, except for deleting the app completely.

The incredible features of Instagram compel users to take advantage of the platform for business or otherwise. Its soaring popularity is evident from the unconfirmed claim that in 2019 Instagram generated $20 billion in advertising revenue. The figure is astounding because it is a quarter of Facebook's annual income.

Why Instagram collects your data?

Instagram's financial success and popularity emanate from the best in class advertising and the data that powers the advertising campaigns. The immense user satisfaction that Instagram provides and the monetizing benefits that users derive from the platform would not have been possible had Instagram not collected the data about you. Instagram makes use of your data through its integrations with Facebook to show ads that it believes will be most to your liking, and there would be high chances of you clicking or tapping on it.   It is possible by distilling the information that Instagram gathers about you from the app and our activities on Facebook, your ventures on the web, and your phone usage. Instagram knows every nuance about your online behavior, including such finer details as the time you spend to discover in-depth the profile of your high school crush at the dead of the night.

Besides improving the advertising standards, Instagram uses the data for security too. For example, the company uses the information about what device you are using for logging in to prevent any malicious log –in attempt. Crash reports collected from your phone help the company detect bugs in the code and identify parts of the app that no one uses. It helped the company to do away with the Following tag in 2019, which showed everyone all the public posts you liked.

Use the option of deleting data

Instagram maintains complete transparency with users about the data they collect. All data collected is visible to users who must go to the Settings page and tap on the security option. Here you can not only view the data collected but even download it. To see all the password changes you made and the phone numbers and email addresses associated with the account, tap on the Access Data, and you will even see much more about how you use the app.

Besides seeing the data, you cannot do much about it except some simple things like deleting the search history locally. However, this is a temporary measure because the history keeps generating as you use the app. You can the contacts that you have uploaded on Instagram from your phone. Still, it will limit the services that Instagram and Facebook can provide in relation to giving friends suggestions and also prevents the company from knowing some aspects of your social behavior.

While you can try to control Ads in Stories, it is better not to overthink data privacy on social media. Any attempt to curtail its access to your data will affect your viewing experience as it impairs the platform’s ability to understand your needs. 

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