Author : Remy
22 Oct, 2019

Wikipedia, the best online encyclopedia and a website we all know. Once in our life, we all would have accessed this website for getting some information or even for sharing something. The website has been in the business since 2001 when it was created as an online encyclopedia strictly and the founders thought that this website would share the information of the world to the world. This was the basic idea but then the way this platform progressed people started using it for content marketing purposes. Why people did that could be answered with multiple answers and here are a few of them listed for you.

1.    Increased Reach

Can you even question about the reach of Wikipedia? Well, not actually no one is even going to have a doubt about how many people can be reached if you create a Wikipedia page. The website is listed as the fifth most visited website in the world with around 50 million visitors getting to the platform daily. This means that you stand a chance of getting to a million people in just one go if you create a Wikipedia page. This is the first invitation that gets people to create a Wikipedia page for content marketing purposes.

2.    No Costs

When it comes to content marketing strategies it could be said that one of the essential points to consider is the cost. How much does a platform cost is an important area of if you can consider it for content marketing or not? But for Wikipedia, it is clear that everything that you do there might not cost you a single penny as Wikipedia does not charge anything from the page creators. However, to get the professional assistance from Wikipedia writers or page creators you might require some cost. This is what can cost you a bit but still, in comparison to the other platforms, this thing might cost you less.

3.    You Can Track Your Page

Well, what is happening on your content is an area that can make you prepare for the future. This is what Wikipedia has got for you. Wikipedia page offers you an option to track the activities that are happening on your page. Numbers and stats could be gathered in the context of how many people have visited your page, from where they have visited and such other things. This could then be used for your future content creation and marketing planning and strategizing.

4.    SEO Backlinks

Conversion is the key goal of creating content and using any content marketing platform. With Wikipedia, you can just have the backlinks in the content that could be used to make the conversion on your homepage. This could be one of the best things that you can get from a Wikipedia page. This is why people from content marketing get to this platform and it gets them a number of conversions to be created.

5.    Update Whenever You Want

Well, what most of the content marketing platforms do not offer is that once your content is posted it cannot be changed or updated. But that is not the case with Wikipedia. You can update and edit your Wikipedia page whenever you want. This can be helpful in updating your customers, target market and visitors. This is one of the benefits that specifically only the Wikipedia page can offer and thus this platform is in the go-to list for content marketers.

These are the five most important benefits of creating a Wikipedia page. Through these things, Wikipedia page can get your content marketing objectives to be achieved. And if you think creating a Wikipedia page is difficult then we have a way for that too. You can access to guidelines and requirements that Wikipedia has stated and it can make you have the perfect idea for how to create a Wikipedia page.

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