Author : Rishi
30 Aug, 2019

If you want to establish quality connections with your Instagram followers you will first need to tidy up the list when it grows really big and gets up there. This process will enable you to see who is really engaging with your account, who is following you back, and who are unfollowing you. This can be easy when you have just a handful of followers but when you have tens of hundreds of followers, matters will be really out of your hand.

This problem can be easily fixed when you use tools like Crowd fire, which was formerly known as Just Unfollow. Using this tool, you will get a lot of help in different areas of Instagramming such as:

·         Managing your fans and friends on Instagram

·         Organizing your followers and fan lists and

·         Know who all are following you back or just unfollowed you

You can Whitelist or Blacklist them accordingly by highlighting the followers as ‘friends’ and those that unfollow as ‘do not want to hear from them anymore’ for example. This will help you to have a quick friend checkup when you want to look up for a particular account to see whether they follow you or not.

Therefore, the first step of tidying up your Instagram followers list is completed.

Promoting outside of Instagram

Next, you have to focus on promoting your photos, product, and brand outside of Instagram. This will ensure that you reach out to more and more people across all social media platforms. This is required because everybody may not be quite literally on Instagram though it is one of the most popular and favored social media platform.

Now the question is, how exactly you can include all your fans into this photo sharing world. Well, there are quite a few options for sharing your Instagram photos above and beyond the Instagram world. These are:

·         IFTTT: This is a magic app that comes with a wide variety of unique options. Check out all these options to connect your Instagram posts to other sites such as Facebook, WordPress, Flickr, Reddit, Digg, and even emails. With such a ridiculous amount of options available with IFTT, you will be able to get your IG photos easily and effectively into other sites that are publicly accessible.

·         Iconosquare: This app will save your Instagram day with its amazing ability to deal with different data and providing the best analytics. It will help you to make proper plans, make any changes necessary and strengthen your strategy. It will allow other people who are not on Instagram to view your whole portfolio. It will also help you to create a web link. Other people can see and add comments of their own and even share your IG photos on their other social media accounts.

Of these two apps, Iconosquare seems to be more effective as it will also allow you to display your IG photos on a separate tab on Facebook if you install it. This tab will be added to your Facebook page so that your FB users can see your feed.

Moreover, the app will also allow you to create a photo gallery widget. This will help you to show off all your latest IG images in your blog right on your website. On the other hand, if you want to integrate your IG portfolio into your WordPress site, you will also get a large variety of widgets to help you in the process.

Dealing with the logistical hiccups

Just like any other technical project, there can also be a few logistical hiccups in Instagram when it comes to managing your portfolio. There are several IG managing apps that will help you to resolve these issues while you deal with your business Instagram.

Your logistical inconveniences for using Instagram for your business promotion purpose can be smoothened considerably with the use of these special apps.

·         Latergramme: This free to use app will help you to schedule your posts for future dates automatically and send you a push notification to let these go live.

·         Schedugram: This is a paid app that will help you cover different logistics of Instagramming such as post scheduling, managing multiple accounts and users, and with a few analytics.

·         OnlyPult: As Latergramme this paid app will also help you in scheduling your future posts

·         Postso: Similar to OnlyPult, this is also a paid app that will manage your future posts scheduling.

·         Fotogramme: This free app will help you to switch between multiple accounts more easily so that you can comment and like a post. However, you cannot post your content using this mobile-only app.

·         Primary: This tool will help you to switch between multiple accounts, create a list of favorite users and comments and filter your feed.

·         InstaCommenter: This app that comes at a nominal price will help you to manage all incoming comments into separate lists marked “Replied” and “Not Replied.”

·         Ink361: This is a free app will enable you to use Instagram on the big screen of your desktop. You can view posts, comment and like but cannot post them through your desktop.

·         Websta: Similar to Ink361, you can use this app for commenting on and liking a photo on your desktop but canno post from it.

·         IFTTT: This ree app will enable you to share posts across all other social media channels.

·         Crowdfire: This tool will help you to manage the list of your followers more easily and effective and that too for free.

·         Iconosquare: Once again, this free to use analytical tool will help you a lot in your logistical issues by allowing you to view your feed from your desktop, manage your accounts, reply to the comments and promote your brand both for Instagram for non-Instagram users.

All you have to do is determine how strong an Instagram engagement and marketing you want and then select one or a couple of these time-saving management tools Blastup the performance of your posts. You will get everything and a little bit more from your IG account using these tools. 

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