Author : Rishi
02 Sep, 2019

Mobile phones today have made a tremendous impact on the lives of the people as well as on the society at large. It has also shown its effect on the health of the people as well as on the environment. These effects of mobile are both positive and negative, just as everything has.

Mobile phones today are considered to be the mark of technological advancements. Mobiles phones now are used for several uses and not only for communicating. With the inclusion of innovative features and functions, mobile phones of today have become the pastime as well as an important tool in the daily lives of people.

Different jobs performed

It is practically impossible today to carry out any of the daily chores without a mobile phone. Whether it is for communication or entertainment, making online purchases or for playing games, mobile phones have become indispensable today.

What can a mobile phone cannot do today? It can:

·         Control appliances remotely

·         It can tell you about the weather

·         It can allow you to access your bank account and make transactions

·         It can keep track of your loan accounts

·         It can remind you of important jobs

·         It can help you to access any information

·         It can keep you connected to the social groups on the go and

·         Even look for debt relief options, if required, from sites like Nationaldebtrelief.com and others.

The list can go on and on. It all depends on how you use the mobile phone and for what purpose.

The positive and negative effects of mobile phones

If you simply consider only the positive effects of mobile phones in your life, the list itself will be a long one and include:

·         Communication

    This, in fact, is the very basic application of mobile phones as it is for human colonization. The modern mobile phones are able to connect with people all over the world irrespective of their location through voice call or video call. Means, you can be close to your loved ones even staying oceans apart! Not only that, you can stay connected to them all the time. Why? This is because mobile phones are today light and compact in design. You can literally carry it anywhere, eat and sleep with them. With the social media apps included and easily accessible, communication has never been so easy before, that too on a daily basis.

·         Entertainment

    What better thing than a mobile could be to keep you entertained? You can watch the latest video of your favorite band streamed life or the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie. You can watch news highlights, your favorite TV show or anything with just a simple tap of your finger on the screen. With such an easy and all-time access you can save a lot of time as you will not have to wait to reach home and switch on the TV or stereo system. You can play games on the best gaming platforms for some relaxation or to simply pass time in the tube.

·         Daily utilities

    There are also several useful apps that you can download in your mobile apart from entertainment and communication that will help you to perform the same and monotonous daily chores without having to face much hassle. You pay your monthly bills for your utilities, automatically from your bank account or mobile payment gateways. You can book cabs, hotels, and a table in your favorite restaurant, capture the memorable moments with some of the best in-built cameras and even follow the online maps for navigation needs.

·         Organization

    You can keep a track of almost everything through your mobile phone that will help you to keep all your things and actions well-organized. You can store important notes and documents, memos, and others. You can even access different files from your office and send emails. With basic tools such as calendars, stopwatches, calculators and more in mobile phones, staying organized and precise has never been so easy.

Just as there are two faces of a coin, there are a few underlying negative effects of mobile phones as well that you cannot ignore. A few of these negative effects are as follows:

·         Addiction

    Yes, you can get addicted to mobile phones! This is a specific type of disorder called Nomo-phobia which is the fear of being out of phone contact. According to research, more than 50% teens admit that they are addicted to their mobile phones. Studies also have shown that addition towards mobile phones is often linked to anxiety, depression, and other mental maladies.

·         Waste of time

    There are several pieces of research conducted that show that people using mobile phones check it once every 12 minutes. This comes up to more than eighty times a day! Imagine the time lost, and most of the times it has no good reasons for such a loss. Even when people are not using their phones, they spend more than 5 hours a day fidgeting their phones which comes to 150 hours a month, according to Flurry.

·         Cause of depression

    As said earlier, mobile phones most of the times lead to depression and anxiety, especially among teens. With social media reigning supreme, the teens are becoming more and more obsessed with their personal accounts and posts looking for more ‘likes.’ This results in reduced interactions in their day to day life leading to loneliness and anxiety.

·         Distraction

    Mobiles phones are the most significant tool that causes a huge distraction in people often leading to accidents. Moreover, with the intent to simply ‘checking’ on the updates quickly, you will often find ending up surfing the internet for hours on end. You will not realize the distractions the mobile phones hold. Especially if you are a student, you will not be able to concentrate on your studies.

Most importantly, mobile phones can cause several health issues, primarily due to the electromagnetic radiation that it needs to send and receive the data in the air. The best way to eliminate the negative effects of mobile phones on your health or life, limit its usage. 

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