How to Clean Up Mac to Boost Speed by Mac Tonic Pro
Author : Rishi
02 May, 2019

With an increased demand for Mac machines over Windows, experts anticipate a wider coverage of this machine in the market. While Mac outperforms any other machine, the hackers have also attracted towards it. There’s no ambiguity that Mac is relatively more secure than other OS. However, recent attacks and hackers shift in this direction cannot be ignored. If you own one of these machines, you may probably wonder on how to clean Mac to boost speed and improve performance.

Mac, being a machine, would always require regular clean up to deliver its best. Although there are myriads of tools for this purpose. However, we’ve got the list of best Mac cleaner tools based on their performance, user reviews and features to help you speed up your machine.

What are the best Mac cleaner tools?

Developers around the world provide you with a heap of options when it comes to Mac tools. However, only a few could deliver what your machine really requires. We’ve prepared a tested list of tools that can help you improve Mac speed for free.

List of best Mac Cleaner Tool 2019:

  1. Mac Tonic Pro

  2. CCleaner

  3. Daisy Disc

  4. CleanMyMac X

  5. Disc Doctor

  6. OnyX

  7. Data Rescue 3

Mac Tonic Pro: While Mac machines require a routine clean up, it requires a dedicated tool that can fix issues automatically. Mac Tonic Pro is one of the best Mac cleaning apps available for you to download for FREE. The tool comes with an intuitive interface that makes it easy for you to operate and perform a task. What makes Mac Tonic Pro ahead of every such tool is its feature of protecting your machine from malware, ransomware, and other infections. Its automatic cleaning tool takes care of periodic cleaning without you having to interact.

How to use Mac Tonic Pro?

- Download and install Mac Tonic Pro on your Mac.

- Go to the ‘System Preferences’ and select ‘Security & Privacy’.

- Click on the ‘Lock icon’ and enter the credentials to enable you to make changes.

- Now, under the ‘Allow applications downloaded from’, select ‘Anywhere’.

List of best Mac Cleaner Tool 2019

- Go to the downloads, and execute the downloaded Mac Tunic Pro.

- Once you’re done installing, run a scan and fix issues.

Mac Cleaner - How to Clean Up Mac to Boost Speed  Mac Tonic Pro

Mac Tonic Pro Best mac Cleaner Tool

CCleaner: CCleaner needs no introduction when it comes to cleaning of a machine. The tool is one of the most popular ones among the cleaning software that is available in three versions i.e. free, professional and professional plus. Every successive version would add more benefits and feature to the tool. However, the free version is adequate for a home user.

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Daisy Disc: Daisy Disc is another great tool that comes handy when you are looking for a dedicated cleaning tool for Mac. One of the most unique features of Daisy Disc is that it shows all the result in a pie chart. You can select to scan the machine upon launching and ensure that your Mac is in the right hand or not. Once the result is ready, you’ve got every option available at the pan right on that screen.

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CleanMyMac X: If you’ve heard about CleanMyMac 3 app, you’re going to love the CleanMyMac X app as it carries more features and benefits to it. The app is a one-stop solution to all your issues that you may face with your Mac machine. With CLeanMyMac X, you’re able to take care of junk files, iPhoto Junk, Trash and other parts of your machine in just one click. The app is available for you to download for free. However, you may choose to upgrade it to a paid version.

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Disc Doctor: When it is about the best Mac cleaner tools, Disc Doctor has it all it needs. The tool works perfectly on your Mac and launches a scan at the beginning. Once you’ve got everything scanned, you can check the results and also recover storage space on Mac. What makes Disc Doctor amazing is its categorized result that lets you know about every problem that your Mac may be facing.

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OnyX: If you want a dedicated tool that can analyze your Mac on different grounds, OnyX is there for you. If you’re not looking for a fancy looking tool that keeps on popping up, OnyX with its decent basic look is ready to take on your Mac. Just download the tool and launch a thorough scan to be sure about the condition of your machine and make necessary changes.

Data Rescue 3: Data Rescue 3 made it to the list with its amazing features that speed up Mac machines at a significant level. One of the major features of Data Rescue 3 is that it comes with a clean and tidy interface that doesn’t confuse you on how to clean Mac automatically. You may simply get all your expectation fulfilled about your Mac once the tool is onboard.

Taking everything into account, it is clear how to speed up Mac as you have the options to choose between manual and automatic. If you’re a geek and knows in and out about Mac machines, you may go for a manual clean up. On the other hand, you’ve got the list of best Mac tools to help you clean Mac. Once you know how to clean Mac, you may uplift its overall performance and your experience with the machine. In case, you want us your favorite tool added to the list, do let us know in the comments below.

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