Author : Remy
29 Oct, 2020

Business owners or freelancers aiming to promote their business online should have an Instagram profile. It's because Instagram is a visual medium that works perfectly for online businesses and solo artists. Here random online viewers often become potential and loyal followers and clients as well. The images you share, along with your content, add to your credibility. Over the years, graphic designers have been counting on Instagram to showcase their work, gain online mileage, and visibility.

Graphic designers and Instagram visual themes

How can Instagram help graphic designers? It allows them to create a brand aesthetic that maximizes user engagement and gets more traffic to the Instagram profile. The entire Instagram feed needs to remain visually consistent and create interest amongst online users.

A “themed Instagram” needs ample planning. But if you work smart, your business account can attain the same. And that will procure you several Instagram likes and followers. To get Instagram likes, you can check out Insta 4

1.     Take inspiration from your best feeds

Take time to browse through your best Instagram feeds! There must be something common in all these feeds that you like. Or there could be different elements as well. It would be best if you listed all the aspects that appeal to you about the accounts and decide who to apply. Some brands use user-generated content as a part of the monthly theme. For instance, if you are about to showcase your new work and theme, you can ask the users to share content related to the theme and tag you. It will create a quality engagement and will add to your business credibility.

2.     Start to play with colors

Your brand logo or business account name must have one standard color. You can use any one color and use it in multiple shades and ways in your images. If you check the news feeds of famous illustrators, you will find that their feed at times has predominant shades of blue, green, pinks, and the like. You can also draw ample color inspiration from news feeds of lifestyle photographers as well. However, the images look natural with a predominant shade.

Are you experimental? If yes, you can alter the shade now and then. For example, as a graphic designer, you can share three products of the same shade in a single row. After that, you can change the same to another shade in the next row. When you take a glance at the total feed, such as arrangement, will make the rows pop out.

3.     Opt-in for the checkerboard

The checkerboard theme is classy, and it is useful in maximizing user engagement. Every alternate image comes with a consistent backdrop—the majority of users' opt-in either for text or photos. However, there are others too that shift between two various backdrop shades. It helps to create engagement as you can shift between product promotions with personal images, inspirational quotes, and business facts. When you have the right content mix, then you need not fret of being spammy. There will be something that users will be looking forward too from your posts.

4.     Start to play with borders

If you are experimental, you might want to explore beyond Instagram’s square photo grid by modifying the image’s aspect ratio. You can work in various ways with borders. There are the:

·       White borders

It is one of the most used borders and has an aesthetic appeal when it gets cropped horizontally. You can add the border bars right at the bottom and top. It gives your Instagram profile a professional and classy outlook. Make sure to use the white border in vertical and square images and then blend it thoroughly. The confused look is slightly out of the box and creates an impact.

·       Black borders

The black borders usually make the Instagram feeds stand out, as it gets used rarely! You need to ensure that the black border complements your entire business theme and page aesthetics. You mustn't limit yourself to only a single border. You can have a profile with white and black borders that will make your feed look highly attractive.

·       The circle frame

The circle frame is a rare choice for Instagram users. Visually, the circle frame looks interesting. However, it might sometimes limit the view of the image, product, or artwork you are trying to project. Hence, graphic designers need to check the way these frameworks for them. It's a smart call to mix and match other borders and frames to arrive at an informed decision.

5.     Select a mood

You need quality brainstorming here! You need to focus on the content strategy of the business page and decide on the mood. Graphics designers should choose a mood that reflects the vibe of the artwork and other posts they share. It would be best to plan the atmosphere even before you curate the post and start sharing on Instagram.

It’s a challenge to remain visually striking and pleasant on Instagram. But graphic designers should take up this challenge to stay relevant and add to their Instagram fan-fare and visibility. 

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