Author : Remy
20 Mar, 2020

Marketing Versus Branding

The industry is flooded with firms that vouch to market your product in an optimal fashion. Yet, only a few of these are able to generate content that converts into revenue. Generating leads is one thing, but generating fruitful leads is another. The latter is a result of successful branding. Creating landing pages is a technique that brings in more clients than any other campaigning strategy. In its true essence, it is a boon to the world of digital marketing.

What is a landing page? Why is it necessary?

Landing pages are standalone web pages created to aid advertising. They are independent of the brand’s official website. As the term suggests, they are a space on the internet where a viewer lands via a digital click.

Irrespective of your niche, having a landing page is every brand’s need. This is because the world is using the internet. No one wishes to visit a place in person for surveying and selection. Landing pages are a simple medium that proves to be handy for redirecting the target audience.

How is a landing page different from the company’s website?

If you wish to hire a person for Custom Law Firm Website Design, he may offer you a landing page in addition to a company website. We must be aware of the difference between the two.

A website usually contains a description of the services offered by the company. From the background to the testimonials, the website contains all the details that a person may want to know. On the other hand, a landing page contains length-restricted content with a call to action button. A landing page is created with a specific goal, and it focuses on a single objective.

Importance of a landing page for your law firm

Today, most legal enterprises are financially aided. And, the firms are technically sound to opt for digital promotions. Online marketing brings in more sales than offline advertising. To keep up with the era of technology, all law firms opt for Law Firm Website Development and digital marketing services.

Tips for creating a perfect landing page for your law firm

Whether you choose to hire a developer or do it by yourself, some checkpoints must be kept in mind while building a landing page.


As a regular user of the internet, it takes us seconds to initiate a click. Whether or not a person chooses to click depends upon the visuals he sees. Headlines are usually the first thing that catches the eye. If we talk about law firm landing pages, the page title should be short, clear and catchy. A good headline idea would be to mention something about the client advantage.

Besides this, one must remember:

The language used on the action button must run parallel to the language style of the headline.


The most crucial requirement in case of hiring a law firm is reliability and trust. Legal actions call for the person to give a detailed account of his personal and financial status to his attorney. Thus, hiring someone worthy may require groundwork.

An excellent way to gain trust is to display the rewards. A landing page that contains trust symbols like awards or certificates is likely to attract more potential clients.


Believe it or not, a majority of the population still trusts feedback and reviews over any other proof. This is when adding client reviews on your landing page can drive more traffic. This fact is well substantiated with the frequency of searches like “attorney reviews.”


Lesser number of form fields mean more urge to fill up. Simplicity is the key to generate fruitful leads when it comes to building a landing page for your law firm. The layout of the page should not be complicated, and the Call to action button must stand out from the rest of the content. This method helps to grab the visitor’s attention in-unit seconds.


A landing page should focus on a user group. Thus, the content needs to be the audience and problem-specific. Adding any media (image, video, etc.) should be done based on the selected group. The content should mention the reasons that make the law firm’s services better than others.

Personalization also proves to be effective in a considerable number of cases.


A closing statement is as significant for a landing page as a headline. Hence, do not forget to close your message. Moreover, using subdomains facilitates better search engine optimization and ranking.

Creating the landing page by the rules above tends to increase the conversion rate exponentially.


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