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13 Nov, 2019

There is no denying the fact that affiliate link building is almost like commissioned sales for this century. The concept of affiliate link building is extremely simple. With the help of the affiliate marketing program, businesses and brands select influencers for promoting services and products by using affiliate links. Affiliate link building is also responsible for providing businesses with opportunities for earning additional sales with the help of user-generated content. The profits will be shared with the influencers based on the total links that have been clicked or the purchases that have been made. According to, affiliate programs can help in marketing effectively. 

Benefits associated with affiliate link building

Affiliate marketing is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways of gaining exposure, driving traffic, boosting conversions, as well as increasing sales. Given below is a list of the three important reasons as to why your business needs to use the strategies for affiliate link building.

Easy tracking

Tracking software helps in monitoring the affiliate program as well as tracking links. When the organization joins any affiliate network, the program of the network is going to track the relevant numbers. Checking the effectiveness of every individual campaign as well as an influencer is one of the most important parts of affiliate marketing. Few programs are also responsible for providing detailed reports based on the various tools of marketing that are used, which include banners and text links. 

Targeted advertisements

If you are running in-house affiliate programs, you have the freedom of accepting influencers to join the program based on the relevance and reach. When the business partners with influencers with the help of an affiliate network, it can be ensured that the influencer will be responsible for reaching the target audience with the help of their content. When influencers are creating content by making use of affiliate links, the advertisement is going to have the potential of reaching the target audience in great volumes with the help of channels like social media and the website of the influencer. 


Affiliate link building is capable of boosting conversions as well as increasing sales with little effort as well as investment. When you are setting the marketing budget of your business, you need to consider the costs that have been listed below: 

Consider whether you are interested in running an in-house program or you want to join the affiliate network. The in-house program is going to be more expensive and when you decide to join an affiliate network, you will not have to spend a lot of money. 

You need to set aside a certain amount of money for creatives. The reason behind this is that the affiliate marketing program is going to require several creatives like images and graphics for banners, flash content and videos, copy for the text links and several other tools that can be used by influencers for promoting services and products. 

How to start affiliate link building perfectly

You need to understand that like all other marketing tactics, there is a right as well as a wrong way of starting affiliate marketing. Given below is a list of the ways that you need to consider when implementing an affiliate link building strategy. 

Have a proper plan

The first and most important step that you have to follow is that you need to be organized. When you are implementing a marketing strategy without any plan of action, it can be disastrous for your business. And, this is the same even in the case of affiliate marketing. Make sure that you are planning your budget, deciding the platform that you are interested in using, determine how you are going to select your influencers, and most importantly, set the commission rates. 

Do not forget to create a proper timeline as well as a content calendar, design the creatives, and most importantly, keep a tab on your competitors. The time that you are spending on planning the strategy is going to be valuable and will help you gain success. To know more, you can contact the professionals of an SEO Company to understand what is best for your business. 

Keep communicating

The affiliate marketing manager that you have chosen needs to be a great communicator. They should be interested in reaching out to the influencers personally, update influencers regarding new campaigns and products and also provide the current creatives as well as copy. Several organizations make use of forums or private groups on Facebook for communicating with influencers. 

Concentrate on building relationships

The marketing manager should be interested in assisting influencers as well as provide all the support to them as and when required. Ask affiliate questions and send polls so that the influencers can trust your business. When you start affiliate marketing, your influencers will be responsible for partnering with you. Their voice is going to be the biggest asset to your business. 

Make sure that you are open to change

Monitoring as well as checking numbers and metrics is important for the success of the affiliate marketing program. You should be capable of understanding the things that work and things that do not. You need to make decisions based on the information about the ROI and KPIs. Follow every campaign keenly. Run several A/B tests with several influencers as well as campaigns. Making use of affiliate marketing does not mean that your business is going to relax and watch the numbers increase. You need to be involved and remain open to any changes to the strategy. 

Affiliate link building has started to grow and it is undoubtedly one of the most important channels of marketing that businesses and brands have started integrated into their existing marketing strategies. There is immense freedom when it comes to affiliate marketing. You can decide the strategies that you are interested in implementing. You will also be able to decide the influencers with whom you are interested in working to make sure that your business gets the necessary exposure. 


Affiliate link building is mostly about performance marketing. It concentrates on the contents that will be responsible for reaching the target audience naturally. Affiliate link building is going to benefit not only your business but also your affiliates. 

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