Author : Rishi
28 Aug, 2019

Instagrammer’s prefer logging on to this social media platform frequently because they are interested in escaping into some other world. It is not at all surprising that "travel" has been one of the most significant hashtags of 2019 on Instagram. Any content, which is capable of sparking an adventure sense, is perfect for Instagrammers, who have fallen in love with this visual platform. If you are a travel blogger and you are interested in sharing your globetrotting adventures, you must build your presence on Instagram. Given below is a list of tips that you can follow to build your follower base. 

Find an underserved niche of travel enthusiasts

Almost 1 billion people are constantly logging in to Instagram every month. With these many users, it can become daunting for travel bloggers who have just started, to gain traction. If you are interested in cutting through this huge noise, you have to find the section of Instagram audience who will be interested in a certain kind of travel. Any content that is directed towards this group of audience is going to have better engagement and visibility in comparison to the general audience. 

Writing an interesting caption

Instagram focuses mostly on visuals. While the picture that you are posting on the platform is capable of speaking for itself, you must add an interesting caption to add value and strength to your post. When the photo, as well as the caption, is great, it is going to receive several comments as well as likes. Travel bloggers are known to have a huge advantage when they are writing captions. They have the option of reusing materials that are already written on the internet and use them as Instagram captions. 

Outsource photo editing

According to, the engagement of Instagram is measured in seconds and not minutes. This should serve as an indicator that the content has to be arrested so that Instagrammers can engage with it meaningfully. Travel bloggers, who do not know about editing photos or videos, can turn to professional editors before posting their content on Instagram. You can also visit the website of stormlikes to get more likes on your posts. 

Build a dedicated follower base for monetizing your work

Marketers have started recognizing that influencer marketing is known to work ideally for businesses. Therefore, as a travel blogger, if you are capable of building a huge follower base, there is a high chance that you are going to receive a project from marketers. This will ultimately help you in monetizing Instagram in the most meaningful way. 

Plan content for complementing present events

When you are planning the content strategy for Instagram, you need to develop plans that involve posting content, which will complement the current events to a great extent. These types of posts are going to receive high engagement because they are topical. 


Gaining success as a travel blogger is not an easy task. However, if you consider the tips that have been mentioned above, you are going to take steps towards success. 

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