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14 Aug, 2019

As more and more people are getting inspired to become healthy and fit, more and more yoga studios are popping up. The market for this is growing fast, and if you are looking to open a Yoga studio, you need to have good marketing strategies to compete for the market.

There is a lot of competition in the market and to survive that, you have to up your marketing game. In this blog, we will explore five marketing plan that you can use to successfully promote your Yoga Studio.

Here let’s start..

The first thing you need to do is to create an online presence for your yoga studio. That means developing a website and setting up accounts on social media. Since everyone is on the Internet; they first research about a product or service online and a website that provides all information can be a great way to appeal to the mass audience.

Other than a website, here are five marketing strategies that will be effective for your yoga studio.

1.         Promoting your trainers

Your customers want to lose weight or get in shape, and for that, they would be spending the most time with trainers. That is why it is important to promote your trainers. Tell the people through your websites that your trainers are qualified and experienced.

Mention the special skills that they have and how many have they worked with.

2.         Make use of Word-Of-Mouth marketing

It is the best marketing idea for all businesses including a Yoga studio. Word-of-mouth is an old technique in which your customer recommends your business to their friends or family. It can happen over a cup of coffee or when you post about the yoga studio on social media.

Many yoga studio owners say that 85% of their business comes from word-of-mouth marketing technique.


Using social media for WOMM


People love to share their experiences with brands on social media. It is a great place to share your opinion about a product or service.


To ensure people talk about you on social media:

?     Ask them questions that encourage them to start a discussion on the same like what yoga position helps you the best or so on.

?     Develop events online so that people feel excited to talk about it. You can use Canva tool to design exciting FB covers or IG post talking about your yoga event.

3.         Brand your yoga studio

If you want your marketing plan to succeed, you need brand it irrespective of it being a large franchise or a small studio.

It is the brand that helps people connect with you and remember your studio. It is the brand that can help you attract new customers and become an influencer in the market.

Here’s how you can create a brand:

?     First comes the mission of your brand, why you started your brand, what it stands for, and how it can help people. When you figure these things out, you can easily build your yoga practice.

?     Second, are the visual elements. They are the tools like logo, theme, slogans, and so on that represents your business, and helps people connect with your brand.

?     Lastly, it is time to implement your brand by incorporating the mission and elements into your website, social media, pamphlets, business cards, and so on.

4.         Use content marketing for reaching the audience

Content marketing helps in engaging new consumers with the work you do. Also, it helps to build a consumer base online and increase traffic for your website.


Some ideas for content marketing are:


?     Blogging: An effective blog can help build your brand image and instill trust within your audience. It is a great idea to share interviews, reviews, or share stories about a person's fitness journey.

?     Infographics: is another great idea to share information. With the help of infographics, you can tell a consumer how a yoga position works.

?     Videos: Sharing videos on your social media platform is a great way to engage the audience. It shows how you work with a client to help them achieve their body goals, which can inspire people to contact you.

5.         Work on the local community

The target audience is where people like to focus the most. But you cannot ignore the local community. The area surrounding the yoga studio can offer you a lot of clientele and you need to market your business to them too.

You can do this by:

?     If your studio is near a residence where most women are homemakers, offer classes for them.

?     If it is near a college or university, provide special cost for students to match their spending capacity.


Yoga requires patience and consistency to achieve the ideal body shape. Similarly, to make your Yoga studio popular amongst the target audience, you need to practice marketing techniques that focus on their needs.

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