Author : Remy
19 Mar, 2020

Technological innovations are the prime forces responsible for the development and transformation of the various facets of our lives - including gambling. The gambling industry has radically changed over time by embracing these technological advancements.

The Internet

It is one of the most prominent and influential technological advancements to affect gambling. The Internet is responsible for bringing casinos to your homes. These online casinos give you the pleasure of playing most of the on-land casino games from the comfort of your home. 

Transforming Online Gambling

The transformation in online gambling over the years is the result of some cutting-edge technological innovations. Let’s look at some of these advancements:

? The mobile and smartphone revolution
This innovation has genuinely made gambling portable. Billions of people around the world now have 24/7 internet access on their mobile phones, laptops and tablets.

? More interactive gaming
Technology has made it possible for you to interact with the dealer and other players on the table while playing online casino games. 

? Live Streaming
Live streaming of the happenings in a casino and live dealer games are the current craze. You can virtually get a feeling of being there in a land-based casino.

? Security measures
With the advancement in technology, the types of threats an online casino faces also changes. Land-based casinos have cameras with Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems, facial recognition devices and Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) chips to monitor a player’s behaviour. The online casino also has security measures like licensing, secured payment methods, data encryption and Random Number Generator.

? Data modelling and predictive analytics
This technology helps casinos know the preferences of their customers and keep track of their playing history. It supports online casinos to cater to the needs of their players while providing them with the best quality online playing experience. The casinos can thus create a profile of each player.

? Use of graphics
It makes the game more realistic. Technologies like surround sound, live chatting and 4k resolution on integration create specific digital rooms to play games. Themes are also given to online slots to make them accurate and more attractive.

? Wearable gambling technology
Casinos are developing gambling applications for wearable devices like Apple smartwatch, Google Glass, and smartwatches. It brings the casino to a player even if a player can’t go to the casino.

? Virtual Reality (VR)
This technology creates a digital, 3-Dimensional (3D) environment where the player can get a feel of a real casino. They can interact with digitally created objects on the game. VR is an exciting technology with the potential for many transformations in online gambling in times to come.

? Augmented Reality (AR)
This technology is similar to VR in its operation. It makes possible the overlaying of digital elements in the real world to create digital hybrid environments. Players can find digital slots, gaming table seats and explore their cities in the environments around them. 

? Digital coins and blockchain technology

The distributed ledger eliminates the possibility of fraud, performs anonymous interactions and makes global reach possible. It provides an opportunity to develop digital coins, like Bitcoin. Online casinos are using blockchain to create apps that allow the use of digital currencies. The player needs to purchase these coins with real money. 

? Use of neural networks
As online casinos offer their services globally, they need massive computing power for randomisation algorithms. Neural networks help achieve this. With this technology, online casinos can process millions of queries and requests at a time. It allows distributed computing, which enables the player to proceed with the games without any delay and hence, boosts the efficiency and capability of online casinos.

? Digital avatars
Players can use digital avatars to hide or enhance their identity while playing online casino games. They can play and interact with each other without revealing their identities. 

? Creation of Gambling Pools
Networking technology helps gamblers create their group with other payers around the globe. In this group, they can pool resources and play big games. 

? Safe Money Transfer
Online casinos deposit your money through secure methods like credit cards, cryptocurrency, bank transfers, direct deposits, etc.

Technologies to come in 2020

There are many technological innovations in the pipeline that will revolutionise online gambling in times to come. These are:

? Gesture Recognition
This technology is going to hit the gambling industry in 2020, where players can use gestures in place of giving commands or pressing the keys.

? Oculus Rift VR technology
Last year, Mark Zuckerberg indicated the potential of Oculus Rift VR technology, wherein a player can lay cards in a room with a virtual group.


The Future:
Technology will continuously evolve and transform the online gambling industry in the years to come. We have to wait, watch and be ready to enjoy online gambling. 

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